Tuesday 13 November 2012

How to remove Pimples & Blackheads naturally at home?

1. Fenugreek (Methi): -

  Make a paste of fresh leaves of fenugreek.

This paste applied on the face every night before going to bed and washed with warm water, prevents one from getting pimples, blackheads, dryness of the face and early appearance of the wrinkles.

2. Coriander (Dhania): - 

Make a paste of coriander juice with a small amount of turmeric powder. Apply this paste on the face after washing it thoroughly every night before retiring.

  It is an effective remedy for pimples, blackheads and dry skin.

3. Sandalwood (Chandan): -

 Mix sandalwood oil with twice its amount of mustard oil, this is used for removing pimples.

4. Garlic (Lahsun): - 
Pimples disappear without a scar when rubbed with raw garlic several times a day. The process is further helped by also taking the garlic internally to purify the blood.

Monday 12 November 2012

How to Be Slim and Shed Weight Naturally at home?


1. Drinking 250 ml of lukewarm water + little salt + juice of one lemon in the early morning with empty stomach reduces weight of the body.
2. Take it regularly for 1 to 2 months.
3. Its benefits increase if taken along with honey instead of salt.
4. During the day,whenever you are thirsty, drink honey mixed lemon.
5. Don't add salt if you are adding honey in lemon water.
Note: Water should be lukewarm and not too hot, otherwise honey mixed with hot water give harmful effects.


1. It expels toxins & solid waste products from the body.
2. Food blocked in the intestines is also cleared off,which helps in reducing weight.
3. It reduces weight if eaten daily in raw form along with lemon,salt and onion.


1. It does not increase weight until it is fried with oils etc.
2. Eat boiled potatoes to maintain weight.


Eating 100 gm of kulthi dal daily reduces weight.


1. It reduces weight.
2. It expels toxins & waste products from the body and gives a new life to the body and mind.
3. It should be free from ghee.
4. Cow milk's lassi is the best.

(F) CURD:-

1. It reduces the extra fat from the body.
2. It is very effective in reducing weight.
3. Its benefits are increased if eaten by mixing honey.
4. It is rich in Vitamin-B.
5. It contains a high quality of protein.
6. During the formation of curd,the value of Thiamine(Vitamin-A),riboflavin(Vitamin-B),Nicotinamide(Vitamin-C)is doubled.
7. Do not eat it if you are suffering from asthma,cold,cough and fever.
8. It is harmful if eaten at night.
9. Very effective in heart diseases as it prevents formation of cholesterol in the blood.
10.So while controlling obesity with curd, you will also gain the above benefits.


1. Drinking lukewarm(not hot) water by mixing honey reduces weight.
2. It digests very quickly and gives instant energy to the body.
3. Honey is a very fine tonic.
4. It is rich in iron, so very beneficial for females.
5. It contains Vitamin- A/B6/B12 and small amount of Vitamin-C.
6. Rich in minerals( calcium,potassium,manganese,sodium,phosphorous,iodine etc.
7. It strengthens nervous system.


1. Drinking One glass of water+one spoon of juice of basil+ 2 spoons of water reduces weight.
2. Take it daily.


1. Drink one glass of very hot water after meals. Its results will be seen after 1 month.
2. To prevent obesity, always drink lukewarm water.

How to Gain Weight Naturally at home ?

The body weight can be gained very effectively from the day one by adopting the following natural methods at your own home without any side effects and moreover,these are pocket friendly tips. These also save money.The body will gain weight if you are regularly stick to these methods and determined to gain weight.


1. Drink carrot juice to increase body weight.
2. Its juice is very rich in Vitamin-A.It also contains Vitamin-B,C,D,E & K.
3. It is an excellent food for maintaining health of the eyes due to its richness in Vitamin-A.
4. The calcium in carrot is easily digestible,hence the daily requirement of calcium can be met by intake of sufficient quantity of carrot only.It contains six times more calcium than potato.
5. It also contains some minearls but in small amounts.
6. It destroys harmful bacteria housed in the intestines.
7. It destroys unwanted uric acid from the blood.
8. Carrots eaten by chewing cleanse and strengthen the teeth.
9. It is a great appetizer


1. Put some dates in hot milk,then eat these dates and drink milk.
2. It is very effective in increasing body weight.
3. It generates blood.


1. It greatly increases weight.For increasing weight,boil 2 dry dates in milk for 10 minutes,then eat it and drink hot milk.
2. It increases blood and semen.
3. It gives strength to the body.
4. It is very rich in calcium.It cures the diseases due to calcium deficiency.
1.Don't eat more than 4 dry dates at a time.
2. Its benefits are increased if eaten after boiling in milk.

1. Soak 2 to 3 pieces in milk for overnight(or 5-6 hours in daytime),then boil it in milk in the next morning/after 5-6 hours. Then eat these figs and drink milk.
2. It is very effective to gain weight.
Figs reduce weight if taken after soaking in water.


1. It increases weight.
Note: The persons with cough and asthma should not eat it.


1. It vitalizes the body.
2. It increases body weight.
3. It increases blood.
4. According to Ayurveda,these are " tri dosh nashka " i.e. they effectively reduce all the three elements(biliousness,cough and windiness).
5. It is easily digestible and provides nutrition without giving any undue exertion to the digestive system.
6. It increases appetite.


1. Drink 250 ml hot milk after eating 2 bananas.Eating it for 2 months will increase body weight.
2. It contains sufficient amount of potassium which is essential for high blood pressure.

1. Don't take it with empty stomach.Don't eat more than 3 bananas at a time.
2. The persons having weak digestive system and diabetes should not eat it.


1. It is very good substitute for milk,almonds and ghee.It contains all these three.
2. It increases body weight if eaten daily in sufficient quantity.
Note:Don't eat it in excess.


1. Regular massage of body with mustard/almond oil increases weight.
2. It delays aging.
3. It expels toxins from the body.